AntiAI Hoodie

Introducing The New Attack Vector: Clothing

Adversarial Patch clothing is a cutting-edge solution designed specifically to challenge and refine object detection capabilities. This innovative patch harnesses the power of adversarial techniques, rendering objects virtually invisible to YOLOv3 detection models. Crafted using intricate adversarial algorithms, our Zebra patch seamlessly integrates into a variety of environments, ensuring optimal camouflage. A must-have for researchers and cybersecurity professionals looking to test and strengthen the robustness of YOLOv3 implementations. Dive deep into the world of AI defenses with the Adversarial Patch Elephant.

How it works

Adversarial attacks represent a fascinating frontier in computer vision, revealing vulnerabilities in deep learning models. By introducing seemingly innocuous perturbations to an image, these attacks can deceive sophisticated algorithms like YOLO into misclassifying objects. In the example to the left a simple image of a toaster only marginally changes the classifier to percieve the object as a toaster. The Adversarial Patch of a toaster hijacked the perception to make the determined image a toaster even though it looks nothing like a toaster. Our Adversarial Patch Zebra design leverages this principle, crafting a pattern that, when perceived by YOLOv3, tricks the algorithm into recognizing it as an "zebra", regardless of its actual surroundings. The patch essentially acts as a disruptive element, skewing the algorithm's object recognition and prioritization.  

Live Test

In a desk test demo setting, a screen displays the real-time output of the YOLOv3 object detection algorithm. Initially, it effortlessly identifies items: a cup, laptop, keyboard, mouse, and a person in the background. As the Adversarial Patch Zebra Hoodie is introduced into the frame, the algorithm's accuracy starts to waver. Instead of recognizing the person wearing the hoodie, YOLOv3 starts misidentifying them as a "zebra". Even as objects like the cup or mouse are shifted around, the AI's primary focus remains stubbornly on the hoodie's design. The demo starkly emphasizes the hoodie's unparalleled ability to deceive and dominate computer vision systems.