Worldwide Favorite Foods


Many people have asked me what I eat and after my sister asked me about it on her birthday when I was showing her how to live on her own and cook, I decided to make this guide which I'll be continually adding things to. 

Things I  generally avoid:

Cuisine by culture

Middle Eastern 🕉

✅ Saffron rice and Shwarma

Iranian Chicken Kebab is super good

Mexican 🌮

✅ Corn Tortillas & Chicken

Asian 🍣

Asian cuisine is usually good with avoiding super heavy things such as dairies and super starchy or cheesy foods. It is prone to very oily foods, especially in Chinese cuisine. Here are some hard and fast suggestions when it comes to navigating Asian food: 

✅ Rice & chicken with KBBQ teriyaki sauce

Uzbek 🇺🇿

Best overall food mixture between eastern and western cultural food styles.

American 🍔

✅ Lettuce-wrapped burgers (Protein style at In & out)

Grilled Chicken

Cajun food and rice

Drinks 🍾

✅ Mead (Honey-based)

✅ Cider


✅ Sake (Rice-based)