About Me

Life is one big adventure

Born and raised in beautiful San Diego, I was blessed with a great city to grow up in. This allowed me to focus on the deep rabbit hole of technology and refine my ability to understand and replicate it until mastery. This is my path to how I got to where I am today.


Cuyamaca College

Degree in Enterprise Network Systems


Cybertech Defence

Red Team Lead & Solution Engineer - 2016 - Now

Cybertech Defence provides a customized Artificial Intelligence assisted cybersecurity testing, event monitoring and compliance solution for small business government contractors. Other services include but are not limited to, incident response, data recovery, digital & social penetration testing, auditing, managed services & system hardening. Here at Cybertech Defence I lead the SOC utilizing the Elastic & Splunk SIEM stacks. Utilized the EDR solutions Comodo and ESET.

Configuration of Citrix Hypervisor LTSR 8.2 with a full network stack including deployment of web applications. 

Kaizen Apps

Developer Team Lead & Liaison - 2017 - Now 

Responsible for software design and supervision of offshore software development engineering DevOps teams via agile methodologies and delivering full-stack development projects in Artificially Intelligent Chatbots, Web/Mobile applications, & Decentralized Blockchain applications for US clients. Quality assurance methodologies are needed for many projects and are implemented through test automation systems.

Projects include:

Penetration testing bots built via Dialogflow's conversation builder then exported to Rasa built on Tensor-flow overlayed with Botpress which walks users through the cyber kill chain via human-friendly conversation.

Consulting on a healthcare chatbot using search history to train a Rasa-based chatbot overlayed with a custom UI.

Deployment of closed source cybersecurity-focused educational intent-based conversational AI to assist with the educational flow for students at multiple Universities across the US.

Coding languages & technologies deployed:








ThriveDX / HackerU

Course Instructor - 2022 - Now

My role is as a cybersecurity instructor has me responsible for educating & training future cybersecurity specialists to excel in the cybersecurity industry at multiple United States Universities which include but are not limited to:


UNLV - University of Las Vegas (2022)

CSULB - California State University Long Beach (2022)*

SDSU - San Diego State University (2022)*

*Taught deaf students with live signers 


Freelancer - 2020 - Now

Responsible for improving the security posture of many companies through their public bug bounty programs. Username is Otuken https://hackerone.com/otuken

2U / Trilogy / edX

Cyber Security Instructor - 2019 - Now

My role is as a cybersecurity instructor has me responsible for educating & training future cybersecurity specialists to excel in the cybersecurity industry at multiple United States Universities which include but are not limited to:


ASU - Arizona State University (2022)

KU - The University of Kansas (2022)

BUT - Butler University (2022)

GWu - George Washington University (2022)

UoR - The University of Richmond (2022)

DU - Denver University (2022)

CU - Columbia University (2022)

UoW - The University of Washington (2022)

UoT - The University of Toronto (2022)

UoM - The University of Minnesota (2022)

UCLA - The University of Los Angeles (2022)

UPENN - The University of Pennsylvania (2022)

VU - Vanderbilt University (2021-2022)

GT - Georgia Institute Of Technology (2021)

UCR - The University of California Riverside (2021)

USD - The University of California Davis (2021)

OSU - Ohio State University (2021)

UofU - University of Utah (2021)

UNCC - The University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2021)

SMU - Southern Methodist University (2021)

RICEU - Rice University in Houston Texas (2021)

UCSD - The University of California San Diego (2019)

Emagined Security

Information Security Analyst - 2019

Responsible for monitoring, identifying, and reporting live network traffic using AlienVault's SIEM & providing risk analysis documentation to identify appropriate security countermeasures then liaison that information between the business and technical teams.

Cuyamaca College

Program Co-founder & Teacher's Assistant - 2015 - 2018

The Co-developer of the Cuyamaca Cybersecurity specialist associates specialization program alongside Curtis Sharon, head of the Computer Information Systems department. Also assisted with creating course content for instructors during my time there.



Burwood Group

Network Operations Center Technician  - 2016 - 2017

Responsible for resolving trouble tickets at a rate of roughly 80 tickets a week via ServiceNow involving the configuration of corporate Palo Alto Firewall policies, management of Cisco router network protocols (Both internal and external, domestic and international | EBGP, EIGRP, OSPF), management of Cisco switches, management of network Data collectors & configurations for Citrix Virtual Environment Managers mainly through Solar Winds for multiple Fortune 500 companies & hospitals including Western Digital & San Disk.


Comptia A+

Comptia Network +

Comptia Security +

Comptia PenTest+

Comptia Project +

Cisco Certified Network Associate

Blue AI Architect

Fortinet NSE 1

Palo Alto ACE

Offensive Security - OSCP

Sophos Certified Consultant

Google Adwords SEO Certified

Non Profits

Angels of Ukraine is a project I co-founded to assist Ukraine during the 2022 conflict to raise money for the Ukrainian people who are now fighting for its independence. The holders of the NFT will receive a physical version represented by the NFT. All proceeds will go to the Ukrainian-based charity fund "Wheels of Victory" which focuses on supplying the front lines with medical supplies and vehicles.

Even before the Russo-Ukranian war began the House of Ukraine was an avid part of the San Diego community. I assist them with technology expertise when they have questions about certain devices.

The AOL University's dedicated efforts to education and community builds unity and peace. Their mission statement: "As earth shifts into the new paradigm, we'll co-create one that reflects our best values. Now is our time to expand as individuals, and as a humanity. We find each other on the path to wellness and healing, to further move beyond and, strive for a balance of mind, body, and spirit. Together we shall transcend through the layers of our amazing life stories and, embody our true greatness." 

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